Kolkata - India with book binders

Handmade paper (recycled coton)/ recycled cardboard & recycled polycarbonate

Un cd enrobé
de bio
A cd with

// Figaroscope

For producing Seheno's first album, Lokanga's team has chosen to make the booklet and the CD cover with hand made paper (recycled coton) . Prabhu Edouard created the design of the CD pack wich was manufactured by book binders in Calcutta. Our goal was to work in a sustainable manner with ecofriendly material . Hence make artists and artisans work hand in hand.

The packaging of Seheno's 2nd album HAZO KELY and Prabhu Edouard 1st album KÔLAM are made of 100% recycled cardboard and the CDs are made from certified recycled polycarbonate.

Fr Pour la production du 1er album de Seheno, l'équipe de Lokanga a choisi d'utliser le papier fait main (coton recyclé) pour le livret et le boitier de l'album. Prabhu Edouard a créé le design du boitier fabriqué par les artisans relieurs de Calcutta. Notre volonté était de travailler avec un matériel durable dans un esprit équitable où artistes et artisans se rencontrent.

La pochette du 2ème album HAZO KELY de Seheno et le 1er album KÔLAM de Prabhu Edouard sont faites de papier recyclé à 100% et les CDs sont fabriqués à partir de polycarbonate recyclé.

"Freedom for Trees" is a short film about the making of of Seheno's first album KA and our eco-friendly label, it was shot in Nosy Be (Madagascar) and Kolkata (India) in 2008.